Recital Procedures

Below are the steps and instructions for putting on a music degree recital:

Plan Your Recital
Schedule Your Recital
Pre-Recital Hearing
Information & Arrangements Form
Audio Recording and Live-Streaming
Recital Fee
Dress Rehearsal
Publicize Your Recital
Print Recital Program

Plan Your Recital
Three terms prior to recital term

All recitals are expected to take place in the UO School of Music and Dance facilities. Permission to give degree recitals off campus must be obtained from the Director of Graduate/Undergraduate Studies prior to the scheduling of the event.

Work with your studio instructor to determine your repertoire and committee. At least two members will be from the student’s major performance area, including the student’s instructor, who serves as the chair. The third member may be from the major performance area or another area in music (if approved by the Director of Graduate/Undergraduate Studies). 

Schedule Your Recital
Two terms prior to recital term

  1. Consult with your recital committee to determine when to schedule the recital.
  2. Confirm date and venue options with the Director of Facilities, David Mason (121G).
    1. You may check the venue schedules on the online performance calendar.
  3. Complete the appropriate Recital Scheduling Form and turn in the form to the Graduate/Undergraduate Office (219K/219A).
  4. Once the Recital Scheduling Form is processed, you will receive an email confirmation of recital date hold from David Mason.

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Pre-Recital Hearing (not required for composition recitals)
Must occur at least three weeks prior to recital date

  1. Schedule the Pre-Recital Hearing.
    a. If the Pre-Recital Hearing is to be held somewhere other than your studio instructor’s office, reserve a performance space with David Mason.
    b. Please note: Students must indicate the date of the Pre-Recital Hearing on the Recital Scheduling Form.
  2. Create your recital program.
    a. Using the appropriate Recital Program Template, customize a program for your recital. Committee approval of the recital program will take place during the Pre-Recital Hearing.
  3. Pass your Pre-Recital Hearing
    a. Bring your recital program to the Pre-Recital Hearing. Committee signatures indicate approval of performance readiness as well as recital program content and format.

Your recital date is not official until the Pre-Recital Hearing has been approved by your Recital Committee and the appropriate paperwork has been processed by the Graduate/Undergraduate Office.

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Information and Arrangements Form
Must be completed no later than three weeks prior to proposed recital date (upon completion of Pre-Recital Hearing)

Submit information about stage plan, instrument and equipment needs, audio recording, and live streaming on the Information and Arrangements Form.

Audio Recording and Live-Streaming
On the Information and Arrangements Form, confirm whether your recital is to be recorded by checking the “Yes” or “No” option.

The following degree recitals must be recorded: Doctoral, Master’s, Senior, Senior Project.

The following recitals are not recorded (unless requested by the student for an additional fee): Junior, optional recitals, recitals outside of the music building.

Degree recitals are audio-recorded and a CD copy is provided to the student (fee included in recital fee). Events in Beall Concert Hall may also be live-streamed, saved as a digital copy, and recorded to a DVD.  The cost for live-streaming and DVD is $15, and is scheduled through the Information and Arrangements Form.

Recital Fee

Fees are required for all senior and degree recitals and may apply for other types of recitals. For more information, please see Fees (Non-Course Related). Applicable recital fees will be calculated based on information entered on the Information and Arrangements Form.

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Dress Rehearsal
Upon completion of the Information and Arrangements Form

If time permits, up to two hours of rehearsal time may be scheduled in Beall Concert Hall or another designated room. Dress rehearsals will be scheduled only after the Information and Arrangements Form is completed. To schedule your dress rehearsal, contact the Production Manager, Thor Mikesell.

Publicize Your Recital
Upon completion of Pre-Recital Hearing

Please submit your event information to the UO Events Calendar by clicking on "Submit an event."

Please note that events information will not go live until the Pre-Recital Hearing has been approved by your Recital Committee and the appropriate paperwork has been processed by the Graduate/Undergraduate Office.

  1. Be sure to provide location, date, and time of day.
  2. Please use the following format for the title of your event:
    e.g. Senior Recital: Name, Instrument
  3. In the "Department" field be sure to scroll down to select "School of Music and Dance." This will ensure your recital automatically feeds through to the SOMD Events Calendar, AND that your recital is seen by the moderator.
  4. Although it is not required, it's also helpful if you upload an eye-catching photo. The size limit for photo files is 5 MB.

Print Recital Program
Week of the recital

Students are responsible for printing their own programs. After your program has been approved by your recital committee, print copies of your program for the recital. For information about printing and copying, please see the All Students Info page.

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