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2015, BA in Dance and Classical Latin, Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts

Lila Reid is a second year Graduate Teaching Fellow and MFA candidate in the Dance Department at the University of Oregon.  In 2015, Lila received a BA in Dance and classical Latin from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, graduating Magna Cum Laude. While at Mount Holyoke, Lila received the Five College Dance Department’s 2014-2015 Virginia J. Wagner Scholarship for her contributions to the consortium’s dance departments.

Alongside her double major, Lila completed Mount Holyoke’s Teacher Licensure program for public education and was the first student from the college to become a fully certified teacher of Dance K-12. For her accomplishments in the Licensure program, Lila received Mount Holyoke's 2014-2015 Richard A. Johnson Prize for Secondary Teaching. For the final phase of her certification, Lila taught full time in the Dance Department at Amherst Regional High School in Amherst, MA.

Since graduating, Lila has been active as a teacher and choreographer at Waynflete School in Portland, Maine, where she attended grade school. Additionally, Lila has performed and choreographed recently for Winter Loft 2016 and Fall Loft 2016, as well as contributing choreography to the Dance Department at the Crater Renaissance Academy in Central Point, OR. In 2015, She had the opportunity to perform with Val Ifil during TRANSForm Dance Collective’s fall residency for Walter Kennedy’s “Panopticon” in the Dance 2016 Faculty Concert.

Lila looks forward to continue teaching her undergraduate dance courses, which have included Modern I, Ballet I, Jazz I, Hip Hop I, Contact Improvisation, Ballroom, and Social Dance II. Lila is in the first phase of her thesis work, which is focused on the importance of partnering pedagogy for dance classrooms, rehearsals, and performances. Lila has a personal interest in concepts of touch as they apply to all partnered dance forms and hopes to become knowledgeable in this area in order to be a resource to other educators.