André Sirois

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Instructor, Musicology
263 Knight Library
Ph.D. in Communication and Society, University of Oregon, 2011
Master of Arts in Communication, University of Maine, 2005
Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism, Central Connecticut State University, 2002

André Sirois is an affiliated faculty member at the School of Music and Dance. You can read his full bio at the Department of Cinema Studies, where he serves as a Senior Instructor I and Multimedia Supervisor.

Selected Publications: 
  • Sirois, André. In Press. Scratch Cyborgs: The Hip-Hop DJ as Technology. In Hip-Hop Theory: Time, Technology, and the 21st Century, ed. Roy Christopher. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press. 
  • Sirois, André. In Progress. Designed from Scratch: A Hip Hop History of the DJ Mixer, 1975-2005. (self-published coffee table book). 
  • Sirois, André. 2016. Hip-Hop DJs and the Evolution of Technology: Cultural Exchange, Innovation, and Democratization. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.
  • Sirois, André. 2015. Scratching out authorship: The creative network of hip hop DJs. In Cultures of Copyright, eds. Danielle DeVoss and Martine Courant Rife, 196-210. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. 
  • Sirois, André, and Janet Wasko. 2011. The Political Economy of Recorded Music. In The Handbook of Political Economy of Communications, eds. Janet Wasko, Graham Murdock, and Helena Sousa, 331-357. Walden, MA: Blackwell Publishing.