Office of the Phyllis and Andrew Berwick Dean

Location, Contact Info, and Staff

The UO SOMD’s dean's office is located on the second floor administrative hallway of the Frohnmayer Music Building (FMB).


Department Heads

General Duties

The dean is the chief academic and administrative officer of the school and oversees all aspects of the school's mission and operation and serves as the chief spokesperson and fundraiser for the school. The dean generally serves in five-year terms that can be renewed following an extensive review process. The dean is appointed by the provost following a search process initiated through the provost's office.

The dean serves as an ex officio member of the Oregon Bach Festival's Advisory Board of Directors, and has oversight of the Oregon Bach Festival.

The executive assistant manages the dean's calendar; is responsible for all human resources and payroll needs for faculty and officers of administration (OA) including courtesy appointments; coordinates all faculty and OA searches; coordinates and works with faculty on all promotion and tenure reviews, post-tenure reviews, peer reviews, and annual reports; coordinates accreditation and program reviews; staffs the SOMD Personnel Committee and when needed the Faculty Advisory Committee; staffs the music faculty meetings, including preparing of notices of motion, agendas, and minutes; and provides confidential executive support for the dean.


Academic Program Accreditation

  • Prepare reports as required for maintaining accreditation with the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), UO Academic Affairs, and others

Budget Requests

  • Requests come to the dean's office through area heads

Conference Room

  • Maintains calendar for conference room use (FMB 219B)


  • Working with area heads, establish teaching assignments for NTTF and GE personnel
  • Coordinate with the undergraduate and graduate committees to present motions relative to curriculum to the faculty for their information or their approval as indicated by the type of change
  • Maintain accreditation standards for curriculum

Dean's Advancement Council

  • Board of alumni, donors, and community supporters

Faculty Promotion and Tenure

  • Scheduling of all faculty reviews including pre-tenure, tenure, post tenure, promotions, and administrative (associate deans, department head)
  • With input from the review candidate, establish a list of and recruit outside reviewers
  • Provide directions and suggestions to faculty on how to put together their dossier for outside reviewers and the dossier for school and university review
  • Coordinate and monitor dossier review and balloting by appropriate faculty groups
  • Assist SOMD Personnel Committee in their review of all faculty reviews
  • Prepare final electronic dossier to be sent to Academic Affairs according to their directions

Faculty and Administrative Reviews

  • Coordinate administrative reviews (associate deans, department head)
  • Coordinate all faculty peer reviews
  • Coordinate reviews for Philip H. Knight Professorships and the Robert M Trotter Chair of Music position


Human Resources for Faculty and Officers of Administration

  • Hiring and search process for faculty and officers of administration: position descriptions, job requisitions, advertising, assisting search, committee chairs, initial on-boarding
  • Contracts, renewals, stipends, payroll, sabbatical pay adjustments (if applicable)
  • Position descriptions
  • Payroll issues
  • Sabbatical applications
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Work with sponsoring faculty to arrange for courtesy faculty appointments

Travel Fund Requests

  • Coordinate collection of all faculty travel fund requests for the coming year and report back to faculty and the finance office of approved expenditures