Health and Wellness

With hours of daily practice, it's important to consider physical and mental well-being and the preventative measures students can take to avoid serious problems. The UO School of Music and Dance is dedicated to increasing proficiency and preventing injury in student musicians and dancers by providing access to somatic training, health-related information, and a medical support network.

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UO Class Offerings

  • MUS 410, Meditation for Performers
  • CPSY 407, Lifeskills: Stress Management and Self-Esteem: Enhance wellness through effective stress management and promote the development of positive self-esteem. Offered during Winter and Spring terms; register through DuckWeb.
  • PEMB 101, Meditation I: Fundamentals of body alignment, breathing, mental focus, and relaxation. Philosophy of yoga as it applies to the different styles and methods of meditation, the nature of thought, awareness, and management of thought processes.
  • PEMB 131, Tai Chi I: Fundamentals of Tai Chi, a traditional centuries old Chinese art. Yang-style short form emphasizes relaxation, balancing and breathing skills. Individual dance-like movements linked together in a continuous and smooth-flowing sequence to release stress and improve flexibility.
  • PEMB 211, Hatha Yoga I: Beginning hatha yoga postures and meditation techniques. Increase strength, balance and flexibility. Improve mental concentration and relaxation with yoga poses and breathing awareness. Relieve tension and fatigue.