Information Technology Team

How to Get Assistance

Sending an email to will generate a ticket for assistance. This should always be the initial point of contact for troubleshooting. Our team monitors this resource for our work intake so this will always be your first and most efficient way to contact and get assistance from your IT staff.

In the event of an information technology emergency, call 541-844-5049.

Location, Contact Info, and Staff

The UO SOMD’s information technology team is located on the second floor administrative hallway of the Frohnmayer Music Building (FMB).

The team consists of two staff members:

General Duties

Your resource for SOMD information technology, the school’s IT team works closely with the UO’s central IT staff and related departments. The SOMD IT team is your first level of support, and can guide you to the proper resource for assistance.

The SOMD IT website,, provides information about the services the IT team provides, as well as current issues, news, updates, and step-by-step instructions for common concerns.

Services Provided


  • Assistance with connectivity to U of O campus networking resources.

Wireless access

Account Services

  • Password reset
  • Validation of account status and access
  • Access and account for SOMD file access


  • Email setup and configuration
  • Email migration assistance

Hardware and Software (procurement and deployment)

  • Device purchase
  • Device setup and configuration
  • Software installation


  • Assistance with connectivity
  • Assistance with hardware and software issues

Computer Labs in the FMB


  • Pharos Service: Pay for your printing with Campus Cash
  • Network attached printers


  • Business analysis
  • Technical consultation
  • Project management

Equipment Checkout/Trade

  • Computers and peripherals
  • DVD burner
  • Display adaptor
  • Rechargeable battery exchange