Brass Ensembles

Apocalyptic Brass

Michael Grose and Henry Henniger, co-directors

The Apocalyptic Brass combines the members of the UO's Track Town Trombones and the UO Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble into one large group. Formed during the fall of 2010, the Apocalyptic Brass has performed at high schools in the region and on the University of Oregon campus, and made its Oregon Music Educator’s Association conference debut in 2012. The ensemble consists of thirty-five low brass players, performing transcriptions of large orchestral works and works written for low brass choir. The ensemble is frequently joined by percussion, which adds to the ensemble’s exceptional sound, which is rich, full, and (some say) “earth-shatteringly” loud.

Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble

Michael Grose, director

The Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble provides an opportunity for students who are seriously undertaking the study of the tuba and the euphonium to acquaint the concert-going public with a beautiful-sounding ensemble and a growing repertoire of new, original works and “ear opening” transcriptions of popular concert favorites. Many fine new works have been written for the Tuba Euphonium Ensemble and performances at state OMEA conventions have been met with high acclaim.

University Brass Choir

Henry Henniger and Michael Grose, co-directors

The University Brass Choir can be heard in concert several times annually during winter and spring terms. Membership gives the brass player valuable performance experience in a standard orchestral brass section setting. The UBC traditionally provides music for important university events, as well as regular concert appearances. Repertoire ranges from the great polychoral works of the late Renaissance to contemporary works for brass by living composers. Recent literature performed includes compositions by Tomasi, Brahms, Berners, Copland, Prokofiev, Wagner and others. The UBC was founded by Ira Lee in 1958.

Track Town Trombones

Henry Henniger, director

The trombone choir—known as Track Town Trombones—is both a performing group and a laboratory for trombonists who are enrolled in private lessons. Concepts learned in the studio are reinforced, and ensemble skills are refined. Repertoire includes transcriptions, especially of choral works, from the Renaissance through the Romantic Period, as well as original works for multiple trombones in a wide variety of styles. Learn more at the Track Town Trombones external website.