Low Brass Day


12:30 p.m. Check in (Room 190)

1 p.m.  Introductions & Faculty Performance (Room 190)

1:30 p.m. Group Warm Up (Room 190)

2 p.m. Split Master Classes (Tubas/Euphs in room 190, Trombones in room 173)

3 p.m. Frank Diaz presents: Getting in the “Zone.” The psychology of enhanced performance.

4 p.m. Group Rehearsal (Tannhauser, Dr. Diaz Conducting)

5 p.m. Pizza Dinner, Room 190

5:30 p.m. Frank Diaz presents: Mindful vs. Mindless Practice: Making the most of your practice.

6:30 p.m. Final Concert (Beall Hall)


  • Faculty Performances on Trombone and Tuba!
  • Studio Classes! Chance to work one on one with UO Faculty!
  • Guest Frank Diaz leads discussions: “Getting in the Zone” and “Mindful vs. Mindless Practice: Making the most our of your practice sessions”
  • Be part of a Low Brass Ensemble!
  • Perform on stage with UO Track Town Trombones and Tueph! Form a mass low brass choir!

Dinner provided. Please register at:
Bring all black for your performance.