Locker Rental

Instrument lockers in the Frohnmayer Music Building are available for rental by music students.

Rental costs $8.00 per locker, per term, and includes rental of a lock. Personal locks are not allowed.

Fall locker requests for students majoring in music begin the Monday before fall term classes start in the Bailey Lounge of the Frohnmayer Music Building. Priority sign-up will be given to students who have locker access needs due to disability. Students minoring in music and non-music majors may request a locker reservation at the reception desk in the Bailey Lounge starting the second week of Fall term.  If a student has very specific locker needs or requires modifications to a locker a request can be made at any time by contacting the SOMD Director of Facilities. For more resources on accessibility options, please contact UO’s Accessible Education Center

Summer locker rental begins at the beginning of the first summer session for the entire summer. Summer locker rentals are designated only for students majoring in music and students enrolled in summer music classes. 

Lockers may be reserved for the academic school year or per term. Please direct all questions about locker rentals to the SOMD front desk.

Students renting lockers should be sure that valuables (particularly instruments and computers) are insured. Most homeowner and renter insurance cover personal items away from home, but double check with your insurance agent.

Lockers should not be used for food storage.

Students will be notified by email at the end of each term with a reminder to renew their locker or to empty their belongings before leaving for breaks. Items left in lockers not being renewed will NOT be kept in the building, but sent to UO Police Department Lost and Found.