Donor Honor Roll


Nancy Guitteau and David Stern


GleeAnn and Dwight Davis '65
Leona '51 and Robert DeArmond '52
Tamara Kabush and Alan Evans
Gary Ferrington
The Robert '50 and Dixie Harrison '51 Family
Betsy '71 and Gregory Hatton '71
Gerald Morgan Jr.
Alan and Jean Pedersen Trust
Barbara Sellers-Young '68


Marcia Baldwin and Mira Frohnmayer '60
Gary Hewitt and Kurt Heiken
John Kalny II '07
Sue Keene Malott '72
John Mortensen '92
Natalie and Robin Newlove
Matthew Ngai
Madelon Adler Petroff '52
Heidi Duckler '76 and Daniel Rosenfeld
Karen Schwartzrock '85
Penelope '65 and David Short '64


Linda '68 and Lawrence Beach '65
Dorothy and Peter Bergquist
Elizabeth '91 and David Bickford '92
Susan '75 and Roger Bowles '75
Boy Scouts of America #100
Robin and Robert Burk
Mary Margaret Casanova
Youngdoe Chang '66
Mari and Mark Dembrow '74
Estate of Ann Brostoff
Eric Foster '97
Phillip Gianos
David Hattenhauer '74
Marcia and David Hilton
Charles Humphreys '52
Hilary Hutchinson '65
Michael Kellman
Jon LaBranch '67
Wilma and Milton Larson
Laura Littlejohn '78 and Paul Leighton
Sammie McCormack '85
Mia Hall Miller '72
Phyllis Helland and Raymond Morse '85
Adith Moursund
Oregon Tuba Association
Laramie '83 and Theodore Palmer
Gretchen '60 and Paul Plath
Hope Pressman '42
Carole and Milton Quam '62
Roaring Rapids Pizza Company
Saint Mary's Episcopal Church
Gloria Sanborn '74
Marie-Louise and Kenton Sandine '63
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran
Doris '70 and Lynn Sjolund '51
John Slottee
Janet '74 and Mark Steidel '73
Susan and Thomas Stewart '72
Lisa and Jon Stine '82
Deborah and James Straughan '69
Mary and John Tachouet '64
The Presser Foundation
Alvin Urquhart
Sally and Jim Weston
Women's Choral Society
Lois Youngen


John Andrews
Glen Banks
Suzanne and De Layne Brown
Barbara Cargill '62
Janet Carter '70
Linda Cheney '68
Judy and Jim Clinton `65
Amy '97 and Michael Connolly '97
Kelly Cumiskey '88
Jeannette Bobst '75 and Gerald Davis '62
Mary Douda '55
Bryna Goodman and Peter Edberg
Janine and Joseph Gonyea III
Susan '75 and Bruce Gutgesell '76
David Henzel '90
Linda and Donald Hirst Jr.
Marie and Aaron Jones '44
Cindy and Gary Kehl
Kimberly Lotz '98
Marina and Elliot McIntire '68
Marie '48 and E. Leslie Medford
Barbara '78 and John Mundall
Marilyn and James Murdock
Oregon Club of Portland
Frances '69 and D. Nelson Page '65
Jill '96 and Gary Plant '98
Keith Reas '75
Marcia and Gerald Romick
Paul Roth '92
Marilyn '50 and Calvin Smith '50
Roberta '64 and Douglas Sweetland '68
Gregory Thompson '71
Julianne and Rex Underwood '55
Margret '49 and Darle West '47
Yamaha Corporation of America


Karen Absher '80 and Clark Absher
Robert Adams Jr. '83
Johnetta and Donald Adamson '55
Willa '60 and John Alvord
Elizabeth Antonsen-Aguilar and Floyd Antonsen
Susan Archbald
Andrea '67 and David Arlington '69
Jeanne '69 and Edward Armstrong
Cynthia '82 and Dana Aschbacher '83
Dorothy and Thomas Atwood
Michael Bandonis '77
Roma and Raymond Barker '79
Phyllis Barkhurst
Scott Barkhurst '68
Leslie and Keith Barnes '77
Thomas Barthel
Barbara Batdorf
Mary Battin '75
Charles Bell '67
Elizabeth '68 and Richard Berg Jr. '77
Linda Berkowitz
Dennis Berry
Susan and Michael Bevington '83
Lois Bjorklund '50
Caroline Boekelheide
Margaret '54 and Walter Bohnstedt '54
Ralph Bolliger
Julie '58 and Berge Borrevik Jr. '57
Joanna '62 and Wendell Branvold
Patricia Braunlich
Tammy and James Brazil '83
Margaret Brower
Elga Brown '70
Nancy '72 and Charles Bubl
Martha '75 and Larry Bunyard '66
Janet and James Bursch
Alta and Warren Burton '74
June Hopkins '84 and Donald Campbell
Truman Capps '11
Jill '68 and Marl Carter '70
Cynthia '84 and William Cartledge Jr.
Jessica '87 and Eric Chantelois '87
Mardi Chase '74 and William Mueller '74
Yuan-Chai Cheng '75
Molly Hedges Clarey '82 and Tom Clarey '72
Dorothy Becker Clark
Sandra '62 and Reanous Cochran '57
William Cohendet '68
Michelle Cole '80
Michelle Collay '82 and George Gagnon Jr.
Ann and Patrick Collier '68
Patricia '56 and Dana Collins
David Cook '63
Joan and Stanton Cook
Elizabeth Cooper '70
Deborah Cordell
Joan and Otto Crumroy Jr. '56
Kathryn '71 and Bruce Cunningham '71
Elizabeth and Charles Curtis
Irene and George Daugherty
Arlene Dayton
Hannah and James Dean
Victoria '82 and Richard Dilworth
Patricia Dodson '61
Carol Domenighini '57
Margaret '65 and Frank Donivan
Dorothy and James Dougher
Michael Drennan '68
Patricia '61 and Donald Duerfeldt '62
Patricia and Fred Dymock
Christine and Michael Edwards '83
Elvita and Larry Engelgau '63
Rosemary '73 and Donald Erb '73
Lawrence Erickson '72
Janet '75 and Don Essig '64
Annette Ewing
Margot Fetz
Beatrice Fontana '64
Hazel Foreman
Jane and Lamar Forvilly
Karen French and Robin Chitwood
Richard Frey Jr. '63
Rebecca Mikesell and Charles Fuller
Linda '76 and Stephen Gallier '76
Mary Garvin '70
Jo Ann Gish '78
Georgene '51 and George Gmahling
Mary '49 and Gillette Gordon
Mary Gregg '51
Shandra Greig '89 and Rodney Orr
Jocelyn Bonner and James Grimm
Michael Grose
Mary Grosh
Janice Gunderson '68
David Guy
Margaret Hadaway and George Jobanek '87
Roberta '60 and Larry Hall '59
Barbara L. Hamilton
Roland Harris '62
Melva and Thomas Harris '70
Annette '87 and Craig Harrison
Leslie '70 and Michael Hartwig '70
Mark Hathaway
Nancy and Duncan Hay '68
Miyuki Yamada-Hay '97 and Henry Hay
Belinda and Richard Hayward Jr. '78
Olive and Derek Healey
John Heintz
Theda Heinzkill
Wayne Harrison and Karen Hendricks
Lynn and Douglas Henne '74
Sandra Hicks
Lisa Higgs '02
Jacquelene '53 and Hollis Hilfiker
Diza and Dave Hilles '71
Jeannette Hodapp '82
Ronald Hodges
Kay '63 and Paul Holbo
Lavern and Sherrill Holly '60
Dolores Holzgang
Laila and Brian Hood '07
Janet GrosJacques and James Howe '77
Maurice Hudson '52
Sharon '58 and Ray Hull '69
Mary Ellen '63 and Darwin Isensee '62
Bernice Isham '76
Kerry '02 and Steven Itami '92
Margaret and Don Jackson '57
Anne '58 and Charles Jacobs
Judy '61 and Wilbur Jensen '64
Kathleen and Darrel Jenson '76
Christine and Daniel Jepsen
Anita '51 and Arthur Johnson '50
Judith Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Lee Johnson
Michael Johnston
John Jones '60
Nina Key '61
Steven Killgore
Katharine Kimball
Reida and Charles Kimmel
Alisa '89 and Richard Kincade Jr.
Lois Kingsford '66
Rena and John Kiraly III
Janet and James Kissman
Eunice Kjaer
Klahowya Band's Parent Association
Lornie McCormick-Goodhart and Steven Knudsen '76
Nancy '74 and Ronald Kopitke '72
Theresa and Matthew Kotvis
John La Londe '71
Karen Lackritz
Sharen '76 and William Leahy, Jr. '71
Peggy Leeds and Paul Bodin '82
Robert Lenneville '49
Sze-Sum Leung '86
Diane and Eric Lewis
Michele Liby '78
Earl Lininger
Joan and Alan Lippman '50
Richard Littman
Toshiko and Daniel Lockwood
Mary '77 and Richard Lonergan '76
Beverley and Errol Loving '59
Norma and Frederick Luebke
Jacqueline K. Lung
Dianna and Ronald Maier '64
Tove and Evan Mandigo '67
William Marsh '08
Angelo Matias
Dianne and Richard Mayer '59
Craig Maynard
Gerald McAlister '60
Fern '80 and Harley McArthur
Evelyn McConnaughey '50
Longley McSwain '76
Patricia '67 and William Mehlhoff '68
Saralee Melnick '84 and Thomas Astle
Marianne Mendenhall '60
Esther '47 and Ellery Michaud
Mary '52 and Bruce Miller
Theresa and Richard Miller
Roberta and Barry Miller
Doris '53 and Fred Mohr Jr. '56
Charles Morrison
Fred Mueller
Mary '68 and Edward Muth '68
Meredith and Lynn Myrick '71
Victoria '63 and Leslie Neighbors '61
Dianne Nelson
Nola and Brian Nelson '86
Patricia Neuner
Annette Newman '72
Charles Newman Sr.
Kathy '81 and Michael Nolan '81
Elizabeth Nolen '50
Joan Bayliss and Irwin Noparstak
Elizabeth Olson '51
JoAnn and Jerold Ottley '72
Mary '85 and Dean Otto '88
Madgil Overley '03
Joyce '71 and Harold Owen
Stephen Owen
Phyllis and Timothy Paul
Lea Person
Karen and Chester Peterson '73
Nan Phifer
Vida '60 and James Phillips '63
Linda and Allen Plant
Mary '84 and Robert Pool
Carol and William Post
Marta '02 and Peter Powers
Joan and William Powers '61
Camilla Pratt
Greta and Ernest Pressman
Susan Pyle
Margaret Quackenbush '76
Edra Quivey '60 and Joe Keller
Laura '84 and Christopher Ramey '81
Kathleen Ramseyer '57 and Hugo Kapelke
Michael Ratoza '73
Carolyn Rayborn '58
Kathleen Lindlan '92 and Michael Raymer
Nancy and Joshua Reckord
Kathleen Reed '72
Leslie and Robert Reisfeld Jr.
Betty Rinck
Barbara Robben '57
Mary Robert '47
Barbara and Thomas Roberts '79
Daniel Rodriguez '84
Mike Romanaggi '86
Rachel and Daniel Root
Scott Roots
Barbara Fulton Royalty '53
Phyllis and Howard Rubin
Brenda Saban '02
Donna and Bernard Scherr '98
Anne and Jeffery Schilling '80
Michael Schindler
Rebecca Schmidt '76
Gregory Schultz '71
Choice and Randall Schutt
Barbara Schweppe '65
Dale Scott
Terrence Scroggin '72
Stephanie '80 and Douglas Sears '69
Grant Seder
Karen Seidel
Diane and Donald Sekimura '61
Patricia Sexton '54
C. Faye and Alden Shuler
Georgette and Robert Silber
Elizabeth and Edgardo Simone '82
Lester Simons '52
Linda and Steven Simpson '78
Mary Lou '67 and Marty W. Smith
Sharron Smith '58
Jane and Terrel Smith
Virginia Smith '65
Kathleen '76 and Stephen Snow '77
Elise and Loran Spencer '57
Molly and Jonathan Stafford '69
Charles Stephens '72
Yvonne Stephens
Jane Stickney '96
Sheila and Richard Stokes, Jr. '58
George Stovall '57
Karen and Calvin Sugiyama
Pauline and Simon Thaler '89
Denise Thomas-Morrow '85
Diana Thompson
Olcott Thompson
Joshua Tower '08
Katherine '83 and Nick Tri '77
Jeffrey Turay '63
Teresa Tutt '76
Bernice and Jack Ullom '78
Alan Uney '65
Lydia Van Dreel
Caryle and Frank Vann
Judith '78 and Jerome Vergamini
Lana and Michael Vernon '65
Judy Verry Hennen and John Hennen '59
Curtis Vie '79
Wanda Vinson
Terry West '79 and Jack Viscardi
Sarah Douglas and Marie Vitulli
Josephine and Peter von Hippel
Robert Voss
Marjorie Waller '65
Sue '66 and Stephen Warrington
Arloa and Gary Washburn
Olga '82 and John Weddle '71
Patricia '63 and William Wilber
Yvonne and James Wildish '54
Penny and Michael Wilkes '71
Doris Williams
Janice and Thomas Wimberly '69
Norma and Everett Winter '56
Patricia and Rodney Wong '62
Sharon Wooden '53
Patricia and Richard Woodman '81
Joan Woods '89
Karen '80 and Gary Zaganiacz
Marilyn and Ronald Zook '70

Estate Gifts

Thank you to those who made a gift to the School of Music and Dance through their estate.

Tamara Kabush and Alan Evans
David Hattenhauer ’74
Sylvia Killman ’48
Mary ’63 and William ’62 Marquess, Sr.
Mia Hall Miller ’72


Thank you to those who made gifts-in-kind to the School of Music and Dance.

Raymond Anderson ’67
Janna Bates ’01
Caroline Boekelheide
Mary and James Casey
LeoNora ’66 and Milton Cohen
Roberta ’60 and Larry Hall ’59
Donna and Loren Houchen ’77
Beth McManus
Don Miller ’52
Diane and Donald Neet
Muriel Singer ’84