Certificate in Teaching Dance

The Dance Teacher Certificate is designed to fill a need for training dance teachers for the private dance studio industry.  The certificate is intended to provide an opportunity to UO students who have spent years training in dance in private studios.  The focus is on evidence based practice from venerable and contemporary theories of dance pedagogy.  An intense investment in continued technical training in contemporary dance forms the core of the program.  These core studio/theory courses are augmented with advanced study in dance injury prevention, improvisation/composition, production, and methods of teaching.  The culminating requirement of the Dance Teacher Certificate is a one year internship as a student-teacher in a private dance studio partnering with the UO Department of Dance for this program.

The Dance Teacher Certificate is a residency program.  All of the following courses must be taken in residence at the UO Department of Dance.  Required course work totals 41 credits minimum and includes 34 upper division credits, 17 of which are at the 400 level.

Core | 18 credits

One year of DAN 394 Modern Dance Laboratory (3 credits per term) (9 credits total)
One year of DAN 494 Modern Dance Laboratory (3 credits per term) (9 credits total)

Production | 6 credits

DAN 255 Dance Production I (3), DAN 355 Dance Production II (1), and
DAN 408 Workshop: Rehearsal & Performance (2)

Injury prevention | 3 or 4 credits

DAN 256 Dance Somatics (3) or DAN 260 Anatomy of Human Movement (4)

Composition sequence | 8 credits

DANC 171 Contact Improvisation or DANC 271 Dance Improvisation (2), plus
DAN 351 Dance Composition I (3) and DAN 352 Dance Composition II (3)

Pedagogy sequence | 6 credits

DAN 491 Teaching Dance (3) and DAN 404 Internship: Teaching Dance (3)                       

Total: 41 credits minimum

NOTE: Dance courses applied to the certificate must be passed with a grade of C- or better.  We encourage students working toward their Dance Teacher Certificates to take DAN 251 Looking at Dance as an Arts & Letters group satisfying course and to follow –up with DAN 453 and/or 454, and to take DAN 360 Dance Kinesiology and DAN 458 Music for Dancers, even though these courses do not count toward the minimum 41 credits required.