Undergraduate Music Degree Checklists and the Plans of Study

The Checklists and Plans of Study below reflect the most current curricula for undergraduate music major programs.  Students are responsible to complete the curriculum of the year in which they entered their current major.  If it differs from what is posted here, they may opt in to the current curriculum if they wish.  Please contact the Undergraduate Office at ugradmus@uoregon.edu for advising or if you need an earlier Checklist or Plan of Study to reference.

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

* Indicates approx two years of music coursework; no audition/portfolio required. All other music degree programs require four years of coursework. 

† Indicates no audition or portfolio required.

For a plan of study not shown here, or if you have any questions about degree requirements, please send a request to the music undergraduate advisor.