Graduate Dance Degree Checklist

*We are not accepting applications for graduate degrees in dance at this time
The master of fine arts is a rigorous terminal degree emphasizing modern dance, with ballet as a strong supporting area. The degree requires at least three years of study in residence, with most students completing in three years. Work for a master’s degree must be completed within a period of seven years, including credits transferred from another institution and the thesis or final project.
Prescribed components provide a foundation upon which each student builds an individualized degree. Flexible emphases, supported by faculty expertise, permit elective areas of study in performance, choreography, collaboration, education, history, contemporary issues, and dance science.


  • Master of Fine Arts in Dance (under construction)

Degree Requirements

  1. Qualified students are admitted to the dance master’s degree program with “conditional” classification. The classification is changed to “unconditional” after a student has:
  1. corrected undergraduate deficiencies;
  2. completed 12 graduate dance credits with grades of mid-B or better;
  3. achieved a technical skill equivalent to that achieved in Modern Dance Laboratory (DAN 594). Studio classes taken to prepare for 500-level DAN courses must be passed with letter grades of mid-B or better.
Students must achieve “unconditional” master’s classification before they have completed 36 credits of graduate work.
  1. Students must meet with a graduate advisor each term to draw up course advising contracts, which ensure that courses fulfill  all degree requirements.
  2. DAN graduate courses must be passed with grades of P or B– or better. Courses must be retaken at the next scheduled offering if satisfactory grades are not received. The student may be dropped from the program if a grade of P or B– or better is not earned on the second try.
  3. Technique and core courses (except DAN 508 and DAN 608) must be taken for letter grades. A minimum of 24 graduate credits must be taken for letter grades; the remaining credits may be taken pass/no pass. P is the equivalent of a B– letter grade or better.
  4. Courses in dance should be completed the first term they are offered during graduate study. Requests for exceptions are considered by the Graduate Committee.
  5. Students must have a GPA of 3.00 or better in course work used to meet the requirements of a master’s degree.
  6. With the exception of Thesis (DAN 503), no more than one incomplete (I) may be earned each term and no more than two each year. Students have one calendar year or less to finish an incomplete, depending on the nature of the course and the instructor’s requirements.