UO SOMD COVID-19 Winter 2022 Policies

SOMD Adaptations to Current UO COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

1/13/22 Update: COVID-19 Exposure Scenarios and Guidance for Students and Employees

With the understanding that the School of Music and Dance has some distinctively unique teaching/learning and presenting activities, the SOMD puts forward the following proposed policies. 

  • Classroom instruction: This policy is for lecture-based courses.
    • In accordance with current UO policy, all students will be masked at all times regardless of vaccination status, instructors must also be masked regardless of vaccination status or distancing. This includes all academic music and dance classes.
  • Music/Dance Making: This policy is for applied music lessons, ensemble rehearsals, masterclasses, coachings, dance technique classes, and all other types of instruction that involve student and/or faculty music and/or dance practice (including lecture courses where singing is involved).
    • All individuals will remain masked at all times regardless of vaccination status. 
      • See additional exceptions noted below for applied brass and woodwind instruction.
    • Individuals must maintain a minimum 3-foot distance whenever possible.
    • In applied voice lessons, instructor and student must be offset and not directly across from each other. Student and instructor must remain masked at all times.
    • In applied wind and brass lessons, instructor and student must be offset and not directly across from each other. Additionally, a student may unmask while playing (while instructor remains masked) and an instructor may unmask while demonstrating (while student remains masked).
    • Modified masks are not acceptable.
    • Woodwinds and brass must use bell covers. 
    • The UO School of Music identifies our practice rooms as communal spaces. As such, all students are required to remain masked and or implement bells covers while they are in and using a practice room.
      Students who are returning to campus after testing positive and completing their 5-day isolation period:
      • A well-fitting mask must be worn at all times when in public spaces or around others for an additional 5 days after isolation ends. 
      • Students who are members of an ensemble are able to participate in the ensemble, but may not be able to actively play their instruments, during this time. Their level of participation will depend on which instrument they play; specifically, if they can play their instrument without removing their well-fitting mask. For example:
        • Wind and brass instruments cannot be played as they require the person to remove the mask to play. These students can attend and participate in the class and/or rehearsal, but will not be able to play. Please note, this requirement is regardless of the use of a bell cover.
        • Strings, percussion, and other instruments that do not require the mask to be removed can actively participate.
  • Performance: Since we believe there is no change in risk level between “instruction” (lessons, coachings, rehearsals) and “performance,” policies implemented for lessons, masterclasses, coachings, and rehearsals should remain in place for performances (exceptions listed below).
  • Performance/Recording Exceptions:  As of 1/7/22, all performers are required to follow the SOMD's COVID-19 policies and procedures during recitals. No masking exemptions will be provided.
  • Community Music Institute Policies
    • All participants and accompanying parents will remain masked at all times regardless of vaccination status
    • All participants 16 and up are required to be vaccinated or show confirmation of a negative Covid test result (within the last 3 days) each week prior to participation.
    • Individuals must maintain a minimum 3-foot distance; 
    • Instructor and student must be offset and not directly across from each other.
  • Audiences:
    • Attendees are required to wear masks in all UO and SOMD buildings and performance spaces. Large events will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within the prior three days. Learn more about Designated Events.
  • Additional Information:
    • Students will be notified of all current policies.
    • Faculty and staff should both adhere to and remind students of these policies.
    • Faculty and staff are not allowed to ask students about their vaccination status.
    • We will continue to assess things as the situation unfolds and will make appropriate adjustments to these policies as necessary.