Staff defeats Tuba in Ultimate Disc Showdown

June 6, 2014—They walked onto the field as musicians, as scholars, and as administrators. They warriors.

Tempered by the fires of battle, the competitors knew what was at stake: bragging rights until the spring of 2015.

In a challenge to conventional wisdom (and perhaps to rational thought), on June 3 the School of Music and Dance “Staph Infection” team of administrative staff won the Ultimate Disc championship sponsored annually by the UO’s Tuba-Euphonium studio.

Led by the studio’s charismatic teacher and all-around nice-guy competitor, Associate Professor Michael Grose, the low brassers arrived on the field sporting their trademark “Fear the Tubas!” tee shirts.

Staph Infection, clad a bit more eclectically in a mixture of athletic-wear and business casual, handily trounced the Tuba-Euphonium Studio with a final score of 15-5, thanks in no small part to a few student ringers.

2014 marks the first year the studio has succumbed in their own challenge match.

David Mason, the school’s director of facilities and coach of the staff team, succinctly summarized the day's age-before-beauty grudge match results.

"It's not about whether you win," observed Mason, "unless, of course, you win."

Better luck next year, Teuph.

Text by Aaron Ragan-Fore. Photos by Erin Zysett.