New 360-Degree Videos Capture UO Game-Day Experience

A special camera provides a 360-degree view of the Oregon Marching Band in new series of videos.

For anyone who’s ever wondered what it would be like to perform with the Oregon Marching Band in front of a packed crowd at Autzen Stadium, a new series of 360-degree “virtual reality” videos are about as close as it comes to the real thing.

“Stepping into Autzen is an awe-inspiring event,” said Nick Bonnema, a psychology major from Beaverton who plays trombone in the band. “(These videos) allow them to experience the game as if they’re there, instead of seeing just what the director of the video wants them to see.”

The School of Music and Dance has produced highlights from several home games over the last football season using the immersive new medium. They include: a rousing rendition of the school’s fight song “Mighty Oregon”; a complete halftime show featuring a medley of Jimi Hendrix’ greatest hits; a powerful performance of the national anthem with a flyover from a trained bald eagle; dance routines and aerial stunts from the Oregon Cheerleaders; and scenes of the marching band providing its unique brand of musical motivation from the stands, along with a special guest appearance from The Duck.

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