More Good News for Dossin's Bernstein

August 13, 2015—After enjoying a round of positive press at the time of its spring release, Alexandre Dossin’s new recording of Bernstein’s Thirteen Anniversaries continues to wow critics.
Writing for the July 2015 issue of Gramophone, reviewer Jed Distler notes that "Pianist Alexandre Dossin's polished, idiomatic and well-recorded performances hold their own alongside Alexander Frey's 'complete' 1998 Bernstein piano music cycle."
Raymond Beegle, writing for Fanfare, says that “Alexandre Dossin’s luminous, expansive playing is a great delight from the beginning to the end of this disc. With his wonderful technical control, more than Bernstein himself displays in the Piano Sonata (RCA), and with his breadth of imagination, wider than Alexander Frey’s performance of the Anniversaries (Koch), he serves up these little fragments to their brilliant best advantage."
Dossin, an associate professor of piano and piano literature at the UO, released the Bernstein album earlier this year on the Naxos label. Additional reviews are available on his website