Harmonizing with President's Call for Books

UO President Michael Schill with audiovisual recordings by UO dance and music faculty members

October 29, 2015—UO President Michael Schill's well-publicized request for copies of books authored by UO faculty members was augmented today with an audiovisual component.

Brian McWhorter, associate professor of trumpet, applauded President Schill’s effort to demonstrate the wide breadth of UO scholarship by assembling and displaying faculty-authored books in his office in Johnson Hall, but wanted to ensure the important creative contributions of UO choreographers, dancers, composers, and musicians were also included.

To that end, over the past weeks McWhorter has gathered CDs and DVDs featuring the work of his School of Music and Dance colleagues. This afternoon, Schill and McWhorter met for a handoff of the materials.

McWhorter took the opportunity to speak with President Schill about the passion of his fellow faculty artists, and to recommend several specific works by his peers.

Brian McWhorter (left) meets with UO President Michael SchillDuring the brief interview the pair also discussed several other related but wide-ranging topics, from the difficulty of performing the works of György Ligeti, to McWhorter's own work re-scoring Ed's Coed, a silent movie originally filmed on the UO campus in the late 1920s.

Anyone perusing the president’s bookcase for a good read will now have something compelling to listen to.