Performing Artists Collective

What is the Performing Artists Collective?

The Performing Artists Collective is an exciting and supportive community that is designed for students who are admitted music and dance majors or minors. You will live with peers from around the world who are pursuing one or more of our many music or dance degrees, such as composition, music education, music technology, and performance. The goal of the Performing Artists Collective is to provide you with multiple levels of performance, academic, and personal support to further enhance the world-class education you’ll receive in the School of Music and Dance.

Why should I choose to live in the Performing Artists Collective?

In addition to the benefits of living with colleagues who are pursuing similar degree paths, you will have access to on-site tutors and academic advising. You will also have around-the-clock access to acoustically designed practice rooms, acoustic and digital pianos, as well as common community and group study spaces. It is equally important to note that your resident assistant will be a music or dance major who can be a valuable resource, especially for students in their first and second years of study.

What amenities will the community feature?

  • six music practice rooms
  • multipurpose room with study space, classroom technology, and electric keyboards
  • lounge with upright piano
  • more access to faculty connections
  • community learning and engagement

Who is eligible and how do I apply?

Room assignment priority will be given to students majoring in music or dance, but there will be room for music and dance minors and non-music or dance majors who might wish to room with you.  If you have questions or special requests about music, please contact the music advisor at  If you have questions or special requests about dance, please contact the dance advisor at

More information on the community is available on the University Housing website.

Additionally, please be sure to add this to your University Housing application. If you have already completed your application, please update your application.