Faculty conductors mentor a select group of graduate students through an integrated curriculum of academics, teaching, and performance. Our two-year master’s degree programs in choral, orchestral, and wind conducting are designed for experienced teacher-conductors to hone their craft.

The choral conducting program emphasizes podium time, supported by the study of conducting, rehearsal technique, choral literature, score study, vocal pedagogy, and diction, along with music history and performance practice.

The orchestral conducting program emphasizes conducting experience with both symphony and chamber orchestras. Conducting technique, rehearsal efficacy, and aural acuity skills are developed, and study topics may include choosing repertoire, working with musicians and boards, program development, and community relations.

The wind conducting program features the study of wind literature, conducting, rehearsal technique, program operations, score study, and time on the podium.

In all three programs, a small cohort of graduate students works together in an engaging, challenging, and supportive environment. Over the last ten years, all of our graduates have either found music-related employment or progressed to prominent doctoral programs.