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ALL CLASSES WILL BE REMOTE SPRING TERM 2020. See details below. Contact your faculty member and/or the advising offices with questions.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has issued an executive order for Oregonians to stay home and requiring social distancing in most cases. The order took immediate effect on March 23, 2020. Find out about additional modifications to university operations following the shelter in place order here.

Questions, concerns or suggestions should continue to be directed to this web form or to our coronavirus information line at 541-346-7007 (the line will be staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays).

Lane County has the latest local information on COVID-19. Visit Lane County Public Health’s website for more information.

Click Here to see the University's most up-to-date COVID-19 information.

The University continues to work in close coordination with the Oregon Health Authority and our companion institutions and agencies.


Due to the modified operations being instituted by the University of Oregon, degree recitals for students graduating in Spring 2020 will be adjusted according to the following guidelines:

Degree recital guidelines for Spring 2020:
Recitals will be considered “passed” upon successful pre-recital hearing. The requirement to perform the public recital has been waived.
Pre-recital hearings may be done in one of the following ways (depending on the preference of the committee and the availability of resources):

  • Skype/Zoom (or similar platform)
  • Recording submitted by student (with or without accompaniment)

No in-person collaboration is allowed.

  1. Students must provide a program (according to SOMD template instructions) at the time of the pre-recital hearing.
  2. Per usual, undergraduate and graduate student recital committee membership must be approved by the UG/Grad Associate Dean (requests to be submitted via email).
  3. Recital fee is waived for all spring term recitals.
  4. Recital committee chairs must provide the UG or Graduate Office with the following:
  • Evaluation date of pre-recital hearing
  • Indication of pass/no pass/conditional pass
  • Recital “program” for the student’s file

All other recitals planned for spring term that do not severely impact a student’s degree progress will be postponed to AY 2020/21 (including required junior recitals, MM, and DMA recitals). For those students not graduating in Spring 2020, please discuss with your studio instructor about whether or not you should consider postponing.

Applied Lesson Delivery
Lessons will be conducted remotely.  No face to face lessons may take place (even in a faculty member’s home).  Piano and percussion students will still be allowed to use the practice rooms/percussion studio on campus, with the faculty member instructing using Zoom or a similar remote method.

Methods of delivery may include but are not limited to:

  • Assigning parts to learn and evaluating progress through videos and or/recordings.
  • Assigning performances to view and critique/comment on.
  • Giving assignments related to the selected composers, genres, time periods, etc.
  • Assigning projects to build ensemble musicianship skills.
  • Developing some type of “culminating experience” that would be meaningful to students in lieu of a performance.

Building Access

All building access for SOMD students has been temporarily suspended. Please stay tuned for further developments. 

Instrument Rental
Please note that these updates are provisional pending the UO-IMT’s approval of the SOMD’s Access Plan for our building. There still may be changes coming and further updates and limits to these proposed procedures. This plan is subject to change with little to no notice.
In order for the School of Music and Dance to support the educational and artistic needs of its students and faculty, Instrument Rental will not be suspended. Considering the extreme circumstances due to the outbreak of and process for mitigating COVID-19, these updated guidelines regarding Instrument Rental for the Spring and Summer Terms of 2020 are immediately implemented. 

  • As per usual procedures, and in order to maintain social distancing protocols, all rentals will be handled via appointment for one person at a time.  Please email for an appointment. 
    • Appointments will be scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday, 11am-1:30pm.
    • All returns must also be scheduled by appointment also for the times listed above.  
  • All rental fees are still applicable 
  • All fee processing will now be handled remotely via email.
  • Instructor signature is waived For Spring and Summer 2020 only. An email granting approval will suffice.   
  • If a student does not feel that they can return the instrument in person, long-term possession arrangements can be made. This is only possible if a student is in communication with the Production Manager, Thor Mikesell. 
  • All other rental policies, including those regarding major damage, loss and or theft, are still applicable.  
  • If you choose to renew and carry forward your Winter Term Instrument Rental, please do so via email to the Production Manager. All per term fees are still applicable. Charges will be made remotely against a student’s UO Billing account.  
  • Generally, it is permissible for a student to check out an instrument and then take it home (including out of state). A specific date of return would need to be arranged. This new return date could be in the Summer or in the Fall. 
  • We can and often have allowed students who are planning to attend classes in Fall term to rent instruments over the preceding summer.  The rates are higher for Summer rental.  
  • In the case of a student who is required to take Double Reed Tech., who elects to “go home”—meaning out of Eugene/Springfield, and perhaps out of state, who hasn’t already checked out an instrument from the school, would need to provide their own instrument for the course. Otherwise, they may check out an instrument in person during Week 1. Presently, we are servicing the school owned Oboes in order to have them clean and available for check-out starting Week 6.  
  • In the case of a shared instrument for ensembles, please have those students reach out to Thor Mikesell, in order to plan and coordinate time-sharing, cleaning, and storage.

Dance Technique Classes
Dance technique classes will be instructed remotely and may be given video and written assignments.


  • To facilitate remote instruction for spring term, Provost Patrick Phillips announced that Zoom videoconferencing service is now available for all UO faculty, instructors, and staff.
  • The UO Virtual Private Network (VPN) has been upgraded. The VPN service allows faculty, staff, and students to securely connect to the campus network from home or any other non-campus internet service.
  • Information Services asks all users adhere to good VPN etiquetteOnly use VPN when you truly need to. Most applications don't require VPN for off-campus use. Log off VPN when you're done using it.
  • More useful information about "Going Remote" for students, faculty and staff available from UO Information Services.


Commencement activities, including departmental ceremonies, will not be held as
in-person events this year. 

However, the university is working hard on other ways to offer a meaningful experience. Additional details on alternative celebration plans will be released in the coming weeks and updated on the commencement website. Regalia and other commencement essentials for photos will be available through The Duck Store at a future date.

In response to the nationwide COVID-19 outbreak, the UO family has come together like never before—despite widespread uncertainty, social distancing, and major disruption to your everyday lives. In response, the UO is sharing the following resources: