Facilities, Performance, and Production Team

Location, Contact Info, and Staff

The UO SOMD’s facilities team is headquartered in room 121G of the Frohnmayer Music Building on the first floor administrative hallway, behind the music reception desk.

The team consists of five staff members:

General Duties

Facilities Management 

  • Performance and recital scheduling 
  • Code/key/proximity access
  • Locker rental 
  • Building maintenance, repair, and construction 
  • Classroom and office furniture and equipment 
  • Classroom and practice room reservations 

Production Management 

  • Scheduling and planning dress rehearsals and performances 
  • Managing the stage and front-of-house crews 
  • Instrument rental and repair program

Piano Tuning and Maintenance 

  • General keyboard tuning and maintenance  
  • Complete rebuilding 
  • Purchasing new pianos and other acoustic keyboard instruments

Audio Engineering

  • Audio recording services of most performances in Beall Concert Hall and Aasen-Hull Hall 
  • Live sound reinforcement for events
  • Archiving all past SOMD ensemble performance recordings  
  • Video live-stream service from Beall Concert Hall  
  • Classroom audio and visual equipment

Services Provided 

Facilities Maintenance

  • Coordinating events, and managing the logistics of performances, repairs, remodels, and construction activities.

Concert and Event Coordination

  • One month prior to each event, the event/performance contact person (faculty, GTF, or student) must provide a completed Information and Arrangement form. The form is used to schedule stage crew, front-of-house and ticket office crew, piano tunings, and audio and visual services.
  • Depending upon availability, green rooms are provided for each performance.
  • Instrument rentals are provided to students (and occasionally to visiting guest artists) who do not have their own, when required by their ensemble conductor or studio professor. General wear and tear repairs to rental instruments are performed regularly, oftentimes through outside repair facilities. 
  • After selection of the instrument, one tuned piano is prepared for each performance.

Audio Engineering

  • The team automatically creates an audio recording of each performance, and provides a CD to the event contact person. If the event was live-streamed, a DVD is also provided.
  • The team provides audio design, digital remastering of audio recordings and of live-streamed events, and special recording projects (student degree-related or faculty driven).

Piano Maintenance

  • Pianos are tuned on regular basis, but additionally Piano Maintenance Request forms are available in each practice room and classroom.