1979 (School of Music)

New faculty are as follows:

- Derek Healey, 1979-1987 (Composition)

1978-1979 (School of Music)

Special Events:

- Practice rooms, studios, and performance wing building addition completed 

New faculty are as follows:

- Doris R. Allen, 1978-1993 (Piano Pedagogy, Class Piano, Women in Music) Emeritus 1993 (deceased 2002)

- R. Wayne Bennett, 1978- (Band, Orchestra, Conducting, Clarinet) 

1977-1978 (School of Music)

New faculty are as follows:

- John Brombaugh, 1977-1991 (Organ Construction) 

- Franciska Koscielny, 1977-1980 (Violin, Viola) 

- Mary Lou Van Rysselberghe, 1977-2003 (Music Education, General Music) Emeritus 1999

- Lizabeth Wing, 1977-1981 (Music Education) 

- Beverly "Beth" McManus, 1977-1983 (Undergraduate Secretary) retired 1983, room 149d practice room named for her and husband John, deceased 2014

1976-1977 (School of Music)

New faculty are as follows:

- Joan Benson, 1976-1983 (Piano, Harpsichord) 

- Lois N. Harrison, 1976-1985 (Music Education) 

- Gerald D. Poe, 1976-1981 (Trumpet, Marching Band) 

- Stephen Stone, 1976-1990 (Asst. to Dean, Jazz History, Music Education, Choral Music, Director Song& Dance Troupe, Chamber Music Series Director) Emeritus 1990

1975-1976 (School of Music)

New faculty are as follows:

- David Case, 1975- (Classical Guitar) 

- Sally Calkins Maxwell, 1975-2001 (Harp) retired

- J. Robert Moore, 1975-2005 (Oboe, Saxophone, Woodwind Tech) Emeritus 2003

- Morrette Rider, 1975-1986 (Dean) Emeritus 1986 (Deceased: January 12, 2008) 

- Paul H. Westlund, 1975-1981 (Choral Conducting, University Singers, Music Education) 

- Walter Wilson, 1975-1977 (Music Education) 

1974-1975 (School of Music)

New faculty are as follows:

- Charles Dowd, 1974-2010 (Percussion, Jazz studies, Philip H. Knight Professor) Emeritus 2010, deceased 3/24/10, an endowed memorial percussion scholarship was established in his memory. A memorial plaque and planetree maple was planted 2011 on the west lawn near the SW steps to Beall Hall.

- Richard Koehler, 1974-1976 (Asst. to Dean) 

- Randall S. Moore, 1974-2004 (Music Education, Director Oregon Children's Choir) Emeritus 2003

1973-1974 (School of Music)

Special Events:

- recital hall named Beall Concert Hall in honor of Robert Vinton Beall whose bequest funded contruction of the organ

New faculty are as follows:

- G. Roy Mann, 1973-1977 (Violin)

- John R. McEldowney, 1973-1974 (Oboe) 

- Vondis Miller, 1973-1974 (Music Education) deceased 2003

- Marlene J. Soriano Thal, 1973-1992 (Piano) deceased 1992

1972-1973 (School of Music)

Special Events:

- Nationally renowned Jürgen Ahrend organ construction completed

New faculty are as follows:

- David L. Sannerud, 1972-1973 (Music Education)

1971-1972 (School of Music)

New faculty are as follows:

- Ronald K. Falter, 1971-1972 (Percussion)

1970-1971 (School of Music)

New faculty are as follows:

- G. Burnette Dillon, 1970-1975 (Trumpet, Marching Band) 

- Edward W. Kammerer, 1970-1993 (Horn, Brass Choir, Jazz) Emeritus, Kammerer Computer Lab named in his honor for his pioneering use of music and technology at the School of Music, received UO Alumni Service Award, named Musician Laureate of Oregon by the state governor, deceased 1993