1929 (School of Music)

Special Events:

- National Association of Schools of Music member

New faculty members:

- Arthur Boardman, 1929, 1932 (Voice, Choral). Head of Voice Department, Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa 1925-1926. Pupil of Vittorio Trevisan (Chicago), Guiseppe Pais and Franco Capuana (Milano), operatic acting with Emilio Picozzi (Milano). Leading tenor, Teatro Comunale (Moden, Italy) 1927-1928 and Teatro Regio (Torina, Italy) 1928-1929.

- John Stehn, 1929-1950 (Wind Instruments, Band). Grinnell College (B.A.) 1925, University of Iowa (M.S.) 1927. Faculty, University of Oklahoma 1927-1929.

- John R. Mez, 1929-1930 (Cello). Leipsic (D.H.H.L.) 1906 and Heidelberg University (M.A. and Ph.D.) 1910. Mez was an Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science and an author and lecturer in world politics and international affairs. In addition to his regular teaching duties at the University, he gave cello lessons for the School of Music for one year. 

A 2-credit course offered Fall term through the Extension Division was called How to Understand and Enjoy Good Music. The faculty listed were John Landsbury, George Hopkins, Arthur Boardman, John Stark Evans, Rex Underwood, Anna Beck, Rose McGrew, and Janet Thacher. The catalog description: "A series of lectures by members of the School of Music faculty intended to bring out the interesting facts about musical instruments, and the structure, history and general meaning of music. This will be done in a non-technical way, and the whole course will aim to present such material as will enable the average person to know what to look for, how to judge, and therefore, to increase his ability to understand and enjoy good music."

1928-1929 (School of Music)

Joining the faculty:

- Roy Giffin Bryson, 1928-1937 (Voice, Choral). He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oregon in 1925. He was a pupil of Percy Rector Stephens and Horace Hunt.

1927-1928 (School of Music)

Cost of attending the University of Oregon School of Music: Tuition per term: $0 residents, $50 (non-residents); Undergraduate registration fee $19.75; Graduate registration fee $9.50; One less a week $20-$35 range per term; Two lessons a week $35-$60 range per term.

1926-1927 (School of Music)

New to the faculty:

- Walter L. Ferris, 1926-1929 (Wind Instruments, Band). Pupil of A. F. Weldon, James Llewellyn and Herman Bellstedt. Orchestra soloist. Bandmaster, Spanish American War.

Miriam Little, 1926-1929 (Cello, Piano) Nebraska (B.M.) 1918, (B.F.A.) 1923, American Conservatory of Music 1915-1916, 1918, 1921, 1923-1924, Bush Conservatory of Music 1923, 1924. Pupil of Hans Hess (Cello), Adolph Weidig, and Richard Czerwonky (Violin). Member of Czerwonky's Symphony Orchestra. Faculty, Nebraska School of Music 1915-1922 and Florida State College for Women 1924-1925.

- Frances Pierce, 1926-1930 (Organ).

- Nina Warnock, 1926-1927 & 1930-1932 (Violin).

"A number of scholarships are offered through the generosity of the faculty of the School of Music and one from the Mu Phi Epsilon Music Sorority.." (Catalog)

1925-1926 (School of Music)

New to the faculty:

- Eugene Carr, 1925-1928 (Voice) He received his B.A. degree from Westminster in 1925.

Prudence E. Clark (Voice) Cornell University 1903-1904 and Boston University 1907-1908, Chicago Musical College 1921-1923.

1924-1925 (School of Music)

Joining the staff:

- Louis Artau, 1924-1928 (Piano, Structure of Music, History of Music). He was a former pupil of David Sammuels, Harold Randolph, Alfred Butler, and Leopold Godowsky. Artau studied at John Hopkins University (1917-1918), Lehigh University (1918-1919), Peabody Conservatory (1917, 1919-1920), Bethlehem Conservatory (1918), and the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and Art (1920-1922). He earned his B.A. (1939) and M.A. (1945) from the University of Oregon.

- Wellington Sloane, 1924-1925 (Piano). Yale School of Music (B.M.) 1922. Pupil of Horatio Parker, David Stanley Smith, H. S. Knight, and Bruce Simmonds. Sloane was a 1920 Kellogg prize winner in Strict Composition. Soloist with New Haven Symphony, 1922. Scholarship under Ernest Bloch, Cleveland Institute (1922).

- Lora Teshner, who later became Lora Ware, 1924-1926 & 1929-1942 (Cello).

1923-1924 (School of Music)

One new faculty member was listed:

- Theodore Price Walstrum, 1923-1924 (Piano). A pupil of Jacob Van Wagner from 1909 to 1914.

George Hopkins was on leave for two years to study piano with Ernest Hutchinson and composition with Rubin Goldmark at Juilliard in New York City.

1922-1923 (School of Music)

The Portland Extension Division of the School of Music had now decreased to 2 faculty members — William Boyer, the Supervisor of Music in the Portland Schools, who taught Public School Music, and a Mr. Goodrich.

John Stark Evans, Professor of Piano and Organ, became Associate Dean of the School of Music.

Aurora Potter Underwood (Piano) Returned to her position at the University of Oregon after receiving a new name and a new degree (Univ. of Oregon, B.M., 1921) and a year of studies in New York with Ethel Newcombe and Edwin Hughes.

1921-1922 (School of Music)

John Landsbury, Dean of the School of Music, was listed as teaching: Literature of the Piano, Formal Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Musical Interpretation, Strict Counterpoint, Double Counterpoint and Free Composition. 

Professor Anna L. Beck taught: Public School Music, The Elements of Musical Science, Scientific Music Reading, Choral Training, History and Appreciation of Music.

Professor John Stark Evans taught: Musical Interpretation of Motion Pictures, Thorough Bass, Keyboard Harmony, Ear Training and Organ.

Graduate courses taught were: Seminar, Multiple Counterpoint, Canon and Fugue, Advanced Free Composition and Practical Artistry (the name given for private lessons).

For the first time, the School of Music personnel had their own building. The new facilities consisted of the current Recital Hall (now called Beall Hall), and a connecting 2-story wooden building that is currently used to house the administration and faculty studios on both floors of the west side, and practice rooms on both floors of the east side. Two small classrooms were located on the second floor. Surplus World War I army barracks were placed along the North side of the Recital Hall, where the current Orchestra and Choir rehearsal rooms are located, to serve as temporary practice rooms and classrooms. These "temporary" structures served until the 1970s.

Special Events:

- Recital hall designed by architect Ellis F. Lawrence

New to the staff this year:

- Ronald Reid, 1921-1924 (Piano).

- Alberta Potter, 1921-1923 (Violin).

- Beaulah Clark, 1921-1922 (Flute).

- John Siefer, 1921-1929 (Voice). Pupil of Ellsworth Giles (Pittsburgh), Carl Alves (Leipzig & new York), and Jeanne Jomelli (San Francisco). Soloist with Russian Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburgh Festival Orchestra and California Symphony Orchestra.

1920-1921 (School of Music)

Special Events:

- campus space committee formed recognizing the need for a separate music building

Joining the faculty this year:

Madame Rose McGrew, 1920-1947 (Voice, Opera) Pupil of Haenisch and Von Kotzebue (Dresden) and Zimmerman (Berlin), Soprano, Court Theater (Mecklenburg Schwerin) and Royal Theater (Hanover). Prima donna (Breslau, Germany). Decorated with the Order of the Silver Laurel (Germany).

Minnie G. Douglass, 1920-1932 (Piano) Oberlin Conservatory 1898-1899 and 1900-1903.