1899 (Department of Music)

Enrollment: 36 

Marguerite Hansen (Voice, Sight Singing) and Mrs. W. L. Delano (Organ) joined the staff, replacing Mrs. Brooks. W. G. Nash continued as Director of the Department of Music and teacher of Piano, Music History, and Harmony.

Organizations included the Eugene Oratorio Society and the Ladies' Musical Club. The latter featured piano performances of standard orchestra works to acquaint students with music masterpieces. These performances were interspersed with solos and duets, both instrumental and vocal. 

The Glee Club gave concerts in larger cities of Eastern Oregon and Washington, concluding its tour in Portland.

1898-1899 (Department of Music)

The Eugene Oratorio Society performed Haydn's Creation with 100 voices and an orchestra of 22. W. G. Nash directed.

1897-1898 (Department of Music)

The faculty was composed of Wallis Gifford Nash, Director of the Department of Music and Mrs. R. C. Brooks, Assistant Instructor in Voice. Mrs. Brooks has studied with Professor J. L. Frank at Tabor College, Iowa, and William L. Whitney at the New England Conservatory of Music.

The University of Oregon Glee Club was organized with 7 charter members. It was directed byWallis Gifford Nash. Later, the Glee Club grew to its permanent size of 16 male members and gave a concert during the Christmas holidays with Nash at the piano and Irving M. Glen, baritone, as soloist. Glen later became Dean of the School of Music (1902).

The Eugene Oratorio Society performed Rossini's Stabat Mater with Wallis Gifford Nash conducting. Concerts were held in Villard Hall. Soloists were R. C. Brooks, soprano; Irving M. Glen, bass; Mr. E. D. Resler, tenor; and Miss Katherine Glen, contralto. The Society meets once a week in the Baptist church.

1896-1897 (Department of Music)

The Eugene Oratorio Society, organized in 1896 and composed of students and townspeople, met once a week in the Baptist Church. Wallis Gifford Nash was the director. They performed Stainer's Daughter of Jairus in Villard Hall with a Chorus of 50 and an orchestra of 10.

1895-1896 (Department of Music)

Wallis Gifford Nash became the new Director of the Department of Music and Professor of Piano, History of Music, Harmony, and Glee Club. He had studied piano in Leipzig, Germany for three years with Carl Beving and Martin Krause. He then studied with Julian Pascal in London.

Piano lessons were $1 per lesson. Singing lessons were $8 for 12 lessons.

1894-1895 (Conservatory of Music)

Music enrollment was listed at 58 students (no duplication). Louise Sawyers-Linn and Elizabeth Sawyers resigned in the Spring of 1895.

1893-1894 (Conservatory of Music)

Enrollment in classes at the Conservatory had reached 81, which included some duplication of students who took more than one class. The total University enrollment was 343.

R. P. Baker was added to the staff for one year.

1891-1892 (Conservatory of Music)

Miss Tarbet did not return this year. Two teachers replaced her, Louise Sawyers-Linn, who studied at the New England Conservatory of Music was assigned to teach Piano. Elizabeth Sawyers, Bachelor of Music degree from Otto Bendix College, was assigned to teach the new courses of violin and guitar.

Eleven men were enrolled in the Conservatory. Five appear to be young boys (not of college age) in the first year of Sight Singing. The rest were women.

Enrollment by classes:

Piano (32); Voice (30); Organ (9); Harmony (6); Violin & Guitar (7); Sight Singing (5) 

1890-1891 (Conservatory of Music)

Miss E. H. Tarbet is added to the Conservatory of Music staff and helps Mary E. McCornack with the teaching. Class enrollments are listed below, some students taking more than one class.

Piano (43); Voice (33); Organ (13); Harmony (3); Sight Singing (7) 

All the above students were from Eugene, except for 4 from Ashland, 2 each from Medford and The Dalles, and one each from McMinnville, Portland, Shedd, Springfield, Echo, Phoenix, and Dayton (Washington)

Three choruses were organized and met once a week: Ladies Chorus (20); Juvenile Chorus (16); Junior Chorus (composed of members of the Junior Class of the University)

Recitals were held in Rhinehart's Hall. Miss McCornack's lessons were held in her home at 7th and Lincoln Streets where three of her rooms were used for teaching and practicing. In her home were one Ivers and Pond square piano, one Decker & Sons upright piano, and one reed organ.

Classes were held in rooms in the Horn Block on Willamette Street where Miss Tarbot gave her lessons. In these rooms were one Ivers and Pond parlor grand piano and one pedal organ. The rooms were open for practice from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

The music room in Villard Hall on campus was used for chorus rehearsals and student practice, and was open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.