Guitar Ensembles

Studio Guitar Ensemble

Don Latarski, faculty advisor

Studio Guitar Ensemble is a course open to students interested in developing the skills and techniques needed to play in small groups. The class does not meet at any specific time; rather, students form a small ensemble (from two to five players), decide on repertoire (with the help of your advisor or instructor), and find a place for rehearsal. Students rehearse at least once per week and must schedule a meeting/performance with the instructor at least three times per term. Students perform for their advisor or instructor at the end of each term, or seek some other performance venue such as a gig at a local coffee shop, outdoor venue, or similar event.

Jazz Guitar Ensemble

Michael Denny, faculty advisor

Jazz guitar ensemble is an outlet for intermediate to advanced students (five total) to hone their reading and ensemble skills. Improvisation is also part of the course. This ensemble meets weekly every term under the supervision of the instructor, and one or more performances are scheduled per term. The repertoire primarily consists of (but is not limited to) published material for guitar ensembles of either four or five players. Students also contribute arrangements of standards and original compositions. While geared mainly toward students majoring in jazz studies, the jazz guitar ensemble is open to non-majors when space is available.