Javanese Gamelan

Kyai Tunjung Mulya ("Noble Lotus Blossom") is a complete Central Javanese Court Gamelan orchestra recently acquired by the UO School of Music and Dance. It was made by Suhirdjan of Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 1998-99, and consists of over eighty iron, brass, bronze, teak, and bamboo instruments. Javanese Gamelan (MUS 408/508 Workshop: Javanese Gamelan) is offered on an irregular basis. These classes are open to all students in any department, as well as to community members. No previous music experience is required to participate.

Pacific Rim Gamelan

Robert Kyr, director

The Pacific Rim Gamelan performs on the beautiful instruments of Gamelan Suranadi Sari Indra Putra, donated to the school in 1986 by John and Claudia Lynn of Eugene. The ensemble is a multicultural composing and performing orchestra, and works composed by its members use instruments from around the world, as well as gamelan instruments. The School of Music and Dance is the only institution in the nation to include an ensemble of this kind as an integral part of its curriculum.