Undergraduate Dance Degree Checklists


Degree Requirements

Candidates for the bachelor's degree with a major in dance must satisfy general university requirements, select appropriate courses in related areas, and complete dance course requirements with a grade of C- or better. Dance faculty members regularly review students for evidence of satisfactory progress toward fulfilling degree requirements.

Students who receive grades lower than a C- or I (incomplete) or Y in dance courses are placed on departmental probation and must repeat or complete the course with a minimum grade of C-. Students placed on departmental probation have one term to achieve the goals they agreed upon with their academic advisors. While students are on probation they receive guidance to help them achieve satisfactory progress toward the degree.

All courses required for a dance major or minor must be taken for letter grades when that option is available. A grade of P must be earned in courses designated pass/no pass (P/N) only. The P/N option should be exercised sparingly by students who plan to pursue a graduate degree in dance.

The breadth requirement in dance technique is fulfilled by completing studio courses (DAN or DANC) in two idioms other than modern or ballet. Lower division breadth courses should be completed by the end of the sophomore year. Students with experience in any of these forms should enroll in the highest level that reflects their competence in each idiom. Decisions about the appropriate level are made in consultation with an adviser.

The technical requirements for ballet and modern are (1) dance majors must enroll in a ballet and modern technique course every term that they are in the program, (2) the minimum competency for graduation is two terms of ballet (DAN 396) and three terms of modern (DAN 394), and (3) during the last three terms before graduation, each major must complete an additional 6 credits of DAN 394 or 396 or higher with minimum grades of B-.

Students who enroll in a DAN or DANC course without completing the prerequisite (either a specific course or an audition) are asked to withdraw. Failure to do so results in a grade of F or N (no pass) for that course.

Required internships, performances, and senior projects can be satisfied in a variety of ways. Through consultation students and their advisers choose options for these requirements that allow the students to pursue personal interests.

With approval from their faculty adviser, dance majors can focus their 24 credits of elective work in one of three ways: (1) by completing an established minor or second major, (2) by concentrating on an area of emphasis within dance, or (3) by integrated interdisciplinary study.